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September 3, 2014

Business Data Dashboards and Analytics


Business Data Dashboards & Analytics

Business intelligence (BI) is a top priority for leaders. Gaining better insights from previously hidden data can lead to big changes for your business, and potentially more revenue. Are your team selling what they need to be selling? Which of your products and services are really the most profitable? You might be surprised to find your current data and reporting systems are not joining up all of the dots.

Data Dashboards and other BI tools can transform a company’s data. We provide valuable information to help you make better business decisions leading to greater profits and productivity. Our detailed data analysis can be converted into striking graphics, reports, and highly attractive and interactive presentations.

Data retrieved from your existing systems can be presented in a broad range of stunning chart types and report styles. With full drill-down and filter functions, your data will come alive. We can provide you with new and unexplored insights to boost your business performance. The more insightful your data is, the more confident you will be when it comes to making the right decisions for the future.

We enable you to:
  • identify issues, take action and improve performance by helping your people to become more effective
  • reveal patterns and trends sooner leading to earlier action - reduce the time, resource and effort spent analysing and presenting data
  • have live access to your information, whenever you need it – online, on your desktop and on your mobile devices
  • make your information easy to access by delivering insights previously too hard to find or too time-consuming
  • view and present your information in an easy to understand format for a variety of audiences, such as team leaders, department heads, managers, stakeholders, shareholders and investors
  • provide a centralised and consistent view of data, converting complex spreadsheets into clear and simple information using graphics
  • promote better working by enabling results to be easily shared between your people, removing the need for bulk printing of reports
By helping you spot issues and opportunities more easily, you can respond more quickly and proactively. 4C Software’s data specialists help you analyse your data so you can set better benchmarks and key performance indicators for your business.  

Unlock the hidden data in your business with a Data Dashboard. Find out more – contact us!